Tenant Information

At Lyons we pride ourselves on giving you a transparent and straight-forward service. We understand that renting can be a headache, with all the contracts to read, complicated fees to understand and the pressure of timing involved. That’s why we try and make this process as easy as possible for all parties. Our processes are straight forward, to get you moving into your new home as swiftly as possible.

1Renting and viewing through Lyons

Moving home is an exciting time, feel free to contact us to register and view our properties. Be sure to share as much information about your search criteria as possible; location, your move in dates, how many people your looking for and of course budget. This will help not only in finding your next home but also the application process if things move forward.

2Making an offer

If you find a property you’d like to rent through Lyons, it time to put forward an offer. Your offer is not just financial but also about your situation. We’ll ask question in regard to your employment status, how many people will be living in the property and your move in dates. We’ll then liaise with the landlord for a decision.

3Holding deposits

Once an offer is accepted, we’ll ask for a 1 week rent holding deposit.  This will secure the property to you, the property will then be suspended from marketing.  The holding deposit is handshake and will be deducted from the balance of move in funds.


There is absolutely no fees for tenants. We only ever request a security deposit and rental money.


All of our refereeing is carried out online through our clever referencing system. There is no need print of documents or to visit us in person, everything can be filled in easily online via your smartphone, tablet or computer.  Our systems will check your Identity, employment/income status and any adverse credit. If you have any doubts please tell us in advance, there is usually a work around.

6Tenancy Agreement

Your tenancy agreement will be process via our audited online system, it can be signed using your smartphone from anywhere. Once all parties have signed it will be sent to you digitally.

7The security deposit & deposit replacement

Along with the first month rent in advance, you will need to pay a 5 week rent security deposit. This is refundable at the end of term (minus agreed deductions). By law, your security deposit must be protected in a Government approved deposit scheme within 30 days from the start of the tenancy. Lyons use the DPS (Deposit Protection Service).

8The Inventory

Lyons will instruct a professional third party inventory to be carried out. The Inventory will note in depth the condition of the property and its contents all backed up with detailed photographs. The Inventory document is then shared with all parties to sign at the beginning of the tenancy to confirm that it’s accurate. Any discrepancies should be raised at this point. At the end of the tenancy, the same document is then used compare the state of the property and on the findings of this comparison the deposit is then awarded appropriately.

9The end tenancy process

Ending your tenancy, will require for you to give Lyons notice in writing - an email will do.  In most cases notice will be 1-2 months.  We will in most cases need to put the property back on the market and conduct viewings for new tenants, we’ll give you at least 24 hours notice.

If an inventory was compiled when you moved in, the inventory clerk will meet you at the property on your last day to conduct the check-out process and at that point you surrender the property back to the agency by handing over your keys.  From that point on you will not be allowed to return to the property.   Lyons will then be in touch with you within 10 days of that date to arrange the return of your deposit if there are no deductions.  If, however the landlord wishes to make deductions from your deposit, there will be a set procedure for that to take place. Details of which can be found on the website for the deposit scheme that is being used.

Perfect presentation

Let’s celebrate the aesthetic of your home. We’ll think hard about photography, lighting, features and how to describe what we see. You’ve put in your time and personality —we’ll make sure your efforts shine through.

Process, process, process

Selling or renting your house is only stressful if there are surprises. We’ll walk you through the process in as much detail as you desire so that you can relax and stay well-informed

Total accountability

Your experience and our reputation is what matters. We won’t let you or ourselves down.

Upfront communication

Our job is to drive the deal. This means fielding calls at any times and keeping everyone in the loop. As we progress through the process, you’ll always be the first to know.


Letting Fee Information

There are absolutely no fees for new tenants and contract renewals. We only ever request a security deposit and rental money.

On offer acceptance we will request a 1 week holding deposit, which is dedicated from the final move in monies. PLEASE NOTE: The holding deposit is non-refundable if references are declined, or if you decide to pull out of the process.

Change of tenant or additional tenant: £150 inc VAT
Amendments to tenancy: £60 inc VAT

Early termination fee: £360 inc VAT

Lyons (Clever Property ltd) are members of CMP, DPS & the Property Ombudsman and adhere to the regulations prescribed by Trading Standards and UK Law.